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Eliminating Bread Helps Stop Food Waste!

Bread Waste

Consumers continue to shy away from bread consumption in an effort to reduce caloric and carb intake. Yet bread remains one of the largest contributors to global food waste.

Bread is easily damaged and has a shelf life of less than 2 weeks. Many loaves are damaged in production and delivery. Because bread and tortillas quickly mold becoming inedible they are thrown out daily from stores, restaurants and at home. It all adds up to 24 million slices a day. About 900,000 tonnes of bread waste every year.

Shelf Life Comparison

NewGem Sandwich Wraps were created in part to help curb bread and tortilla food waste. Each wrap is a serving of fruit / vegetable making it easier to eat healthily. Our process maintains most of the nutrients naturally present in the fruits and vegetables used as ingredients in our wraps. Another benefit of our wraps is a 1-year shelf life without the use of preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Because NewGem Sandwich Wraps do not need to be refrigerated they help save energy unlike other wraps. Refrigeration is a big contributor to global warming.


Healthy Oceans for Generations to Come.  

Healthy Oceans

The global market for sushi has grown to over $6 billion. It is expected to continue to expand rapidly for years. There are downfalls to the popularity of sushi. Traditional sushi recipes include endangered fish species and overfishing to satisfy demand is contributing to the depletion of the oceans' fisheries.

During the pandemic, many people sought in-home dining experiences including making sushi in their own kitchens. Although, NewGem Sushi Wraps pair well with traditional seafood sushi recipes, the main goal is to encourage sushi made from sustainable ingredients.

Try adding fruit, chicken or sweets to your sushi. There's a whole garden of possibilities that don't require fish, so you can help keep our oceans healthy, too!

NewGem supports various organizations working on ocean sustainability. NewGem encourages its community to use the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch guide when eating out or purchasing seafood.