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Your shoppers want to level up their sandwiches

Shoppers tell us they're excited to eat sandwiches again! NewGem Sandwich Wraps add delicious flavor that complement sandwich recipes and so much more.

Here's why shoppers say they are looking for NewGem Sandwich Wraps in their favorite retail stores:

  • Each wraps adds only 25-40 calories to their sandwich.
  • There are 5-8g carbs in each wrap.
  • They're gluten-free!
  • Each wrap adds a serving of fruits/veggies.
  • They're delicious!!!

Have you ever considered ordering wholesale through Faire?


Easily transform your deli into a healthy sandwich wrap station.

We have brought product solutions to restaurants and retailer foodservice for over 10 years and will be happy to work with you too!

    Take your menu offering to a new level with healthy, world flavors not possible with bread and tortillas.

    • Many customers want sandwiches, but not the bread. Our wraps fit most food tribes - Keto, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher, NonGMO Project Verified, 100% Plant-based, etc.
    • Limitless flavor options and recipe pairings.
    • Each wrap is a serving a fruits/veggies.
    • We offer low minimum orders and have large-scale production capacity.
    • Easily implemented into any deli or foodservice station.

    Bring innovation to the table with Sushi Wraps made from the garden!

    Customers are looking for new flavors, new experiences. Serve it up with NewGem Sushi Wraps made from fruits and veggies.
    • Easy to use, just like Nori (seaweed).
    • Make sushi recipes never imagined - even without seafood!
    • Flavorful and colorful wraps adds delicious creativity to the table

    NewGem also manufacturers glaze sheets that can add delicious flavor and spices to meats and menu items.

    Contact us to review all the opportunities at info@newgemfoods.com