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NewGem Foods

NewGem Wraps are made from fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients. Our wraps are only one of our many products. We will be coming out periodically with new innovative products that will disrupt the current products in the industry.

Transforming fruits and vegetables into innovation

Our All Natural, low carb, low calorie products are an amazing addition to your weekly meals and daily intake of vegetables and fruits.

NewGem Foods® has grown from a small producer of alternative nori (seaweed) products to a multi-faceted food solutions company.

Our Founder and CEO Matthew de Bord spent four years living in Japan learning to appreciate the native cuisine. Upon returning home to the states, he considered how to bring some of that appreciation, and cuisine, to the U.S. In 1995, he had an epiphany. He thought, “What if I make tomato nori (seaweed)?” With the freshest fruits and vegetables he could find, Matthew created our first seaweed alternative wraps in his kitchen.

After some initial product tests, and conversations with chefs, he realized he was onto something big. The products were healthy, colorful and gave chefs a host of new menu ideas. He worked with a team at the USDA until his product was perfect and ready for the market. Four years later, this small seaweed alternative company grew into an industry leader, creating vegetable and fruit-based sandwich wraps as alternatives to popular food products like bread and tortillas.

NewGem Foods is the original creator of patented 100% plant-based wraps. Their products are part of a fast-growing grocery category driven by consumers’ demands for healthy alternatives to fit their dietary needs. Today, NewGem Foods is still owned by Matthew de Bord and his family. 


GemGreen & GemBlue

We focus on healthy & natural eating as well as the environment. We do this by donating to ocean sustainability causes. Specifically we have partnered with a variety of aquariums. 

The past few years we have worked with Monterey Bay Aquarium

As our company grows, we will continue to support organizations that make a difference for the global community. Our first product was developed as a replacement for seaweed (nori) used to wrap sushi. NewGem Sushi Wraps add color and flavor to innovative sushi recipes. New recipes can include vegan options or use other proteins instead of over-fished species like blue fin tuna, fresh water eel and salmon.

We searched for an organization like us that believed in healthy oceans too! For several years, NewGem Foods has donated to Monterey Bay Aquarium. Their work has helped to conserve our oceans and also inspire others to do the same. Please consider joining us by clicking on the Monterey Bay Aquarium logo below.


What's coming?

NewGem Foods is a new way to eat your vegetables and fruits. With a goal to provide a suitable replacement for bread, nori(seaweed), and other products. 

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Our Products are always made with all natural, clean, simple, plant-based ingredients. All ingredients are Non-GMO & Gluten Free. We use nothing artificial!!