Our GemWraps will add wow to your burritos and wraps
Our GemWraps®
Our new, patented GemWraps® are all-natural, Gluten Free, healthy wraps.  Using fresh vegetable and fruit purees, we’ve created a selection of low-carb, great-tasting alternatives for bread, tortillas and lavash. Released commercially in January 2012, GemWraps® are taking the culinary world by storm. The unique flavor profiles allow you to create new versions of old favorites, or experiment with an entirely new flavor profile.

Benefits include:
- Natural and healthy
- Low-carb (2-3 grams), low calorie (10-15) per serving and fat-free
- No artificial ingredients, colors, or flavors
- Limitless flavor profiles
- Gluten-free

Current applications include:
- Hot, tortilla-less burritos
- Healthy gourmet vegetarian wraps
- Classics wraps reinvented

For best results, let GemWraps® hydrate (sit) for a few minutes before serving.

For recipes, click here, and for more information about our products, contact us.