Main Ingredients
½ cup prepared sushi rice 
3 ounces chicken tenders, grilled and cut into 4” x ¼” strips 
2 ounces tomato sliced into 4” x ¼” strips.
2 ounces avocado, cut into 4” x ¼” strips.
1½ Tablespoons Pesto mayonnaise dressing 
1 Origami Tomato Basil Wrap

Pesto Mayonnaise Dressing Ingredients
1 cup Mayonnaise
1 Tablespoon prepared pesto
Pesto Chicken Roll
1. Toss chicken tenders with Pesto mayonnaise dressing  

2. Place Origami Tomato Basil Wrap shiny side down on rolling mat. 

3. Press in rice leaving a 1-inch border at top.

4. Lay in thin sliced tomato, avocado and pesto chicken.

5. Roll and cut into 8 pieces. 

6. Top each piece with a dot of Pesto Mayo dressing. 

Pesto Mayonnaise Dressing
1. Blend ingredients well and chill.