Main Ingredients
4 ounces prepared sushi rice 
1.3 ounces Lobster
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil 
.4 ounces Celery
.3 ounces Corn 
1 teaspoon Lime Juice
.5 teaspoon (2 ml) Mayonnaise
.4 ounces Wasabi tobiko
.2 ounces Chives 
1 Origami Corn Wrap 

Citrus Soy Sauce Ingredients
1 cup Soy sauce
½ cup water
2 Tablespoons orange juice
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
2 Tablespoons yuzu juice
1 Tablespoon raw sugar

Lobster Love Roll
1. Poach lobster in olive oil on LOW heat until just done – about 6-8 minutes. Cut claws lengthwise and rough chop pieces.

2. De-cob corn.  (If wintertime corn, blanch in sugar water and ice bath before de-cobbing).

3. Brunoise celery, then mix corn and celery.  Add mayonnaise and lime juice before rolling.

4. Finely chop chives.

5. Lay in ½ cup of sushi rice on Corn Origami Wrap leaving ½ inch border at top. Spread thin layer of tobiko across middle of rice.

6. Lay in corn, celery, mayo-lime mixture.

7. Lay in lobster.

8. Roll and cut into 8 even pieces. Top each piece with sprinkle of chives and serve with Citrus Soy Sauce 

Citrus Soy Sauce
1. Combine all ingredients until sugar is dissolved, strain.