1. What is NewGem Foods?
NewGem Foods is an innovative food solutions company, producing vegetable and fruit based alternatives to sushi wraps, tortillas, and other popular food products.

2. How are NewGem Foods and Origami Foods related?
Origami Foods is the original name of NewGem Foods. NewGem became the new name in 2011, when Origami Foods expanded into products well beyond seaweed alternatives. NewGem Food’s signature product is still called Origami Wraps, which have remained the same great products they’ve always been. 

3. Where is NewGem Foods located?
1006 North Aurora Street
Stockton, CA 95202

4. How can I contact NewGem Foods?
Email: info@newgemfoods.com
Telephone: 209-948-1508
Fax: 209-948-2712

5. What are some health benefits of NewGem Foods’ products?
In addition to tasting great and creating a world of new culinary options, our products are good for you. Here are some of our main health benefits:

6. How many calories are in a NewGem Foods wrap?
Between 10 and 30 calories.

7. Where are NewGem Products currently available?
Wegmans, CostCo, Trader Joe’s, the CIA, and RedEye Grill.

8. Are NewGem Products produced in a HACCP certified facility?

9. How to contact NewGem Foods?
Email us: info@newgemfoods.com or give us a call at 209.948.1508