Our Story
NewGem Foods™ grew out of our founder’s realization that things (in this case sushi) could be different. After a four-year stint in Japan, founder and CEO Matthew de Bord began experimenting with ways to reach the sizable American population who loved eating sushi, but either didn’t like nori (seaweed), or wanted an alternative main ingredient to raw fish. He set out to do something about it, focusing on a product that would allow sushi to move beyond its traditional confines.

With a food dehydrator, a meat slicer, and the freshest fruits and vegetables he could find, Matthew created our first seaweed alternative wraps. After some initial product tests and conversations with chefs, he realized he was onto something big. The products were healthy, colorful, and gave chefs a host of new menu ideas. The USDA’s Agriculture Research Service (ARS) agreed, offering resources and guidance to Matthew as he tested his products. Four years later, this small seaweed alternative company has grown into an industry leader, creating vegetable and fruit-based alternatives to popular food products like tortillas, fruit wraps, and much more. And we’re still going!

NewGem Foods™ products can be found in Wegman's, CostCo, Trader Joe’s, & other innovative Food Retailers around the globe.